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The Red Cord is Southwest Oklahoma's Anti Human Trafficking Organization

Give The Gift Of Freedom

Rachel* woke up in another strange room. But this time she felt safe. No one was trying to hurt her, drug her, or lure her into danger. She remembered where she was and some of the details from the night before. Police had raided her hotel room and taken her abuser away. They took Rachel to this safe shelter with only her purse and no other belongings. She was exhausted. Rachel closed her eyes and drifted back into a deep sleep.

This shelter would provide Rachel with clothing, food, lodging, medical, dental, and mental health services.

Rachel was protected from her trafficker, but she needed so much more to experience complete freedom. Her spiritual and mental trauma was far from over.


What can you give to Rachel and so many others like her this Christmas? She desperately needs your understanding, compassion, non-judgment, grace, and support. Unfortunately, in Oklahoma and throughout the USA, safe therapeutic places for survivors to go to are lacking. Many times, survivors have not graduated from high school and are not equipped with adequate life and job skills.


Giving the gift of your time and talent to trafficking survivors help them get an education, build a resume, and find stable employment. Financial planning is crucial to helping a survivor not fall back into the hands of a trafficker who prey on vulnerabilities.


We can all give something to help survivors this Christmas season. Here is how you can help The Red Cord right now:


Organizations can always use monetary donations and many accept clothing, hygiene items, and other daily necessities for survivors. In addition to The Red Cord, here are other organizations we recommend in our area you can support those help trafficking survivors or reduce their vulnerability:

*Not real name

Want To Set The Record Straight?

The Red Cord strives to be Oklahoma’s thought leader on Human Trafficking. We demystify common misconceptions so you can have confidence you’re spreading the right information.

Do You Know Someone Or An Organization That Needs To Be Trained?

The Red Cord offers professional training for the community, schools, churches, first responders, hotels, and casinos. We are blessed with many expert public speakers.

A Message From Cindy Evans, The Founder of The Red Cord

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"
Martin Luther King JR

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