National Human Trafficking Hotline 1 (888) 373-7888 Or use the textline: Text "BeFree" (233733)

About us

A message from our founder, Cindy Evans.

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Our Name

The Red Cord is a reference to the biblical account of Rahab found in Joshua 2. By tying a red cord to her window, Rahab took a stand for justice when no one else would.

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oklahoma red cord human trafficking awareness

Our Vision

A community that is united in creating a culture free from Human Trafficking. 

Our Mission

The Red Cord exists to join individuals and organizations within the community and surrounding communities of Lawton, OK with the end goal of wiping out the injustice of Human Trafficking. The Red Cord will join efforts in education, prevention, rescuing and support of those who are already involved in the fight to accomplish the goal of creating a culture intolerant toward Human Trafficking.


(Names and images of all board members may not be mentioned for privacy reasons) 

Ahsha, President

Ashley, Vice President

Ahsha has been involved with anti-human trafficking education and awareness since 2012. Her experience consists of a large range of volunteering areas. In Oklahoma City she volunteered in a rescue home for girls that had been trafficked. 


She created and maintained the nutrition and life skills area of the home. Giving the girls the skills of grocery shopping for health food, creating meals and food prepping. Ahsha has also had experience in the school setting when she was involved with Operation Underground Railroad in Montana.


She helped lead a team of volunteers during “White Ribbon Week,” an elementary school curriculum that teaches children internet safety. The focus of the team in Montana was community awareness and education. 


Holding community events bringing education to the local public about human trafficking indicators, prevention, and encouraging involvement in the movement to fight this crime. 


Ahsha is now President with The Red Cord in SW Oklahoma. She continues to train the local community, first responders, police and education leaders about human trafficking and the demand that drives this crime. 


Ahsha is passionate about building a community that will not tolerate human trafficking through teaching prevention strategies to children, teens, parents and the community as a whole.

Ashley serves as the Vice President of The Red Cord.


She formally began her fight against human trafficking when God placed it on her heart to join a local anti-human trafficking organization in her early twenties.


She quickly became a trainer, traveling around Southwest Oklahoma, educating various types of audiences on the facts, signs, and prevention for human trafficking. She has trained groups ranging from police departments to military personnel, and countless others. She is currently a trainer for first responders, law enforcement officers, schools, religious groups, and community organizations.


Ashley believes that gratitude is one of the greatest virtues we can hold as human beings. It is from immense gratitude towards historical abolitionists that Ashley credits her current activism. If it was not for their work, Ashley – who is of African descent – would not have the freedom she enjoys today. She views being a modern-day abolitionist as fulfilling an important responsibility to maintain our inalienable rights. She believes sex and labor exploitation is one of the great evils of our time. Her inviolable faith compels her to be a voice for the voiceless, and to root out injustice wherever she is able.


When she is not volunteering her time with The Red Cord, she can be found writing, or volunteering in Israel.